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What are the characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel?

2021-02-24 05:41:55

The characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb board are similar to that of aluminum honeycomb board, only the color can be appreciated and the performance can be improved, while the characteristics of Lvjing building materials wood grain aluminum honeycomb board are as follows: light weight, high strength, flat surface; Good heat absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation effect; Good sound absorption, sound insulation and silencing effect; The function of fire prevention and shockproof is outstanding; Stable structure and high pressure resistance; Shape, size and thickness can be customized to meet the needs of the project; The installation and maintenance is simple and flexible, and the cost of construction and maintenance is reduced. In addition, the grain color of wood grain aluminum honeycomb plate is close to nature, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling and objective appreciation.

1. The surface of wood grain is rich and lifelike

Because the wood grain surface of aluminum honeycomb board imitates wood grain, the wood grain mapping is transferred to the aluminum honeycomb board through heat transfer printing, roll coating and film covering, so the user's optional wood grain is very easy to realize, and the cost is low.

2. Good effect of sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention

Because the honeycomb of aluminum honeycomb core is in a sealed state, the air flow is prevented, the sound wave and heat are effectively hindered, and the sound transmission and thermal conductivity of the plate are greatly reduced. Therefore, it plays the role of sound insulation and heat insulation, thus saving the heat insulation materials, and is widely used in partition boards or suspended ceiling.

3. Good flatness and rigidity

Because the hexagonal honeycomb core is in the vertical stress state, and every innumerable mutually restrained fixed honeycomb will not move, it has good mechanical properties and can keep its shape not easy to change.

4. Light and energy saving

The weight of aluminum honeycomb plate with the same rigidity is only 1 / 5 of that of aluminum plate and 1 / 10 of that of steel plate. The total thickness of aluminum honeycomb plate is 15mm, the panel is 1.0, and the bottom plate is 0.8. The weight of aluminum honeycomb plate per square meter is only 6kg. The total thickness is 10 mm, the panel is 0.5 mm, and the bottom plate is 0.5 mm. There are 4 kg per square meter. Compared with the traditional aluminum-plastic sheet, its weight is less than 2 kg per square meter, but its rigidity is more than twice that of aluminum-plastic sheet, which is comparable to 4 mm aluminum sheet. Its cost performance is significantly higher than that of aluminum-plastic sheet and aluminum sheet, which can effectively save materials.

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