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Guangdong Jianguo beehive Technology Co., Ltd. is located in No.3 of Zou Guanxiong workshop, Guanyao Qifu village, Shishan town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. It is a professional building material enterprise integrating production and sales of aluminum decoration products. At present, its main products include aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum corrugated core, aluminum honeycomb and other different series of products. The company constantly introduces advanced production equipment, production technology and modern management concept, has advanced production lines, perfect production quality testing equipment, and has a senior skilled technical design and operation team, advanced management concept. Be able to meet the demand of customers on time and quality, and provide high quality products to customers. We have accumulated rich professional production experience and won the favor of many decoration companies. 

Jianguo honeycomb focuses on aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum corrugated core and aluminum honeycomb

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