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Common installation methods of stone aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall

2021-02-24 05:38:58

1. Lug type

This installation method is the separation type of lifting lug and honeycomb plate. After the lifting lug is processed separately, it is connected with the glue seam position of honeycomb plate. The suitable width of glue seam is ≥ 12mm. This installation method makes the processing simple and the installation convenient.

2. Flanging

This installation method is to process the flanging for installation when processing the aluminum honeycomb plate. The installation only needs to be connected with the keel and the glue seam, and the suitable glue seam width is ≥ 10mm. This method is convenient for installation, but the processing is a little complicated, so it is not suitable for modeling curtain wall plate.

3. Button type

This node is of aluminum buckle type, and the buckle is a specific profile, which is easy to install. However, this method requires high accuracy of plate processing, and is not recommended to be used for plates with a length of more than 3000mm. According to the width of the buckle, the middle seam of the plate is 20 mm and 40 mm.

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