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Guangdong Jianguo honeycomb Technology Co., Ltd

Tel:18166359536/Mr. Hu

Address: No.3, No.2, Qifu village, Guanyao, Shishan town, Nanhai District, Foshan City  

business management:

Jianguo beehive's human nature, attitude, spirit of service and good faith will never change, which is the premise and guarantee for the rapid development of the enterprise.

Always emphasize the power of cooperation, interaction and team. Respect and understand partners, continuously provide expected products and services, and lead a positive and healthy life.

Corporate vision:

Where there is a home, there is Jianguo beehive. Looking forward to the future, Jianguo beehive will focus on promoting the cultural construction of China's aluminum beehive. Through technological innovation, product innovation and service innovation, Jianguo beehive will continuously enhance its brand value, contribute to the cause of China's aluminum beehive and realize the Chinese dream, and provide high-quality services for all sectors of the society!

Intimate service guarantee:

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, so that customers have no worries

Pre sales: adjust and recommend product models according to customers' needs, provide perfect solutions, and assist customers to produce satisfactory products.

Our company has a complete range of processing equipment, customers can come to map customization, so that the effect of products fully meet customer needs.

After sales: if there is any abnormality in the production process, we will immediately arrange technicians to solve it for customers.

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Address: No.3, No.2, Zou Guanxiong workshop, shadunwei, Guanyao Qifu village, Shishan town, Nanhai District, Foshan City            Tel: 18166359536 / Mr. Hu      Email:           Official

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