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Eight advantages of aluminum honeycomb panel

2021-06-02 03:00:59

Aluminum honeycomb panel has eight advantages. Aluminum honeycomb panel has many characteristics that traditional materials do not have, mainly including the following aspects:

(1) Light weight and low density: the honeycomb core is a typical porous structure with regular periodic arrangement of continuous polygon holes. Compared with other sandwich materials, the solid part of honeycomb has small cross-sectional area and low density.

Because the density of honeycomb board is much less than that of laminate, steel plate and other ordinary boards, the weight of honeycomb board is the lightest under the same volume. The quality of aluminum honeycomb plate is only 9% of that of FRP laminate, 11% of that of steel plate and 23% of that of aluminum alloy plate. This makes the application of aluminum honeycomb panel in aircraft can save a lot of energy. Low density and lightweight make the honeycomb board meet the requirements of "lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection" for space shuttle and vehicles.


(2) High specific strength and good stiffness: from the mechanical point of view, honeycomb plate structure is similar to many connected I-beams, the panel is similar to the flange of I-beam, which mainly plays the role of bearing in-plane load, and the honeycomb core is similar to the web of I-beam, which mainly plays the role of bearing shear stress, connecting and supporting the upper and lower plates. However, honeycomb core is different from I-beam web. It is not sparse hardening but dense hardening. The core layer is fixed on the surface of the whole panel, and the height of the core layer is much larger than the thickness of the panel, which makes the cross-section moment of inertia multiply. While improving the overall stiffness, the overall stability is also greatly improved.

(3) It has good shock resistance, shock absorption and buffering. When the honeycomb plate is impacted out of plane, the impact force can be transformed into the plastic deformation energy of the honeycomb core, which can effectively absorb the impact energy. Through the self falling ball impact test of aluminum honeycomb plate, the dent area and depth of the impact part were observed, and no crack was found at the impact part, indicating that aluminum honeycomb plate has good toughness, strong impact resistance, and can absorb most of the energy through deformation, so it has a good damping effect.

(4) Heat and sound insulation. The materials used to make honeycomb panels have no heat and sound insulation properties. For example, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and sound. The unique structure of honeycomb panel makes it have good heat and sound insulation performance. Honeycomb core is a kind of porous structure, which occupies most of the space. For example, the thickness of 0.1 mm aluminum honeycomb is 51.96 ×  forty-eight ×  The solid part is only 4% of the total volume. After the honeycomb core plate is compounded with the honeycomb plate, the air layer between the upper and lower panels is also divided into many closed units to prevent air flow. In this structure, heat is difficult to propagate in the form of convection and radiation, and the propagation of sound waves is also greatly limited. Therefore, honeycomb panel has good heat and sound insulation performance.

(5) Good fire and moisture resistance. The core of aluminum honeycomb board is made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is a kind of non combustible material with good flame retardant and fireproof effect. In addition, aluminum alloy itself has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance.

(6) Good formability and optional thickness. The thickness of aluminum honeycomb plate can be 5-200 mm according to the actual needs, and it can also be made into flat plate, single curved plate or double curved plate according to the specific requirements. Aluminum honeycomb sheet not only has good formability, but also is not easy to deform after forming.

(7) No pollution, energy saving and environmental protection. Aluminum alloy is a kind of material for manufacturing aluminum honeycomb panel. No radioactivity, no harmful gas volatilization, harmful to human health. It can also be fully recycled, saving resources and energy, in line with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, by reducing the mass of transport vehicles, honeycomb panels can ensure strength, improve dynamic performance, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce exhaust pollution while saving energy.

(8) Beautiful and easy to clean. The aluminum alloy plate of aluminum honeycomb plate can be used directly, or can be painted with different colors or patterns.

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