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How to protect the finished aluminum honeycomb panel?

2021-06-02 15:00:16

How to protect the finished aluminum honeycomb panel?

Part of the finished decoration materials must be protected by finished products. Aluminum honeycomb plate has good wear resistance, but the relevant protective measures are still very necessary.

Professional fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturers will tell you that delay tearing off the protective film is the most convenient protection method.

The ground aluminum plate protection is more convenient. You can lay cloth or boards directly on it. Professional manufacturers sometimes do finished product protection for free, which requires you to conduct full consultation when purchasing products.

There are many kinds of products, among which the shape is more complex, and they are generally used on the ceiling. At this time, the protection of finished products is of little significance.

Every once in a while, the price of the product will be updated. Prices have been rising, so we know that there are some fluctuations in prices.

For outdoor use of aluminum veneer, in fact, there is no need to do finished product protection. Its thickness is relatively large, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance is better, the price is correspondingly higher.

Aluminum honeycomb panel has a good sales prospect. There are many related reports on the website.

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