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Surface deformation of stone honeycomb plate

2021-04-27 05:12:39

With the development of architectural decoration industry, the application of stone honeycomb plate is more and more inclined to the development of large plate. Large plates with an area of more than 2.5 square meters are often used in projects. However, stone honeycomb board is made of many kinds of materials, and its coefficient of thermal expansion is different.

In the case of large environmental temperature changes, especially in the extremely cold climate, the different deformation of various materials may lead to the concave convex deformation of the whole stone slab, affecting the architectural beauty.


At the same time, additional shear stress will be formed between the bonding layer of the stone panel and the honeycomb aluminum plate, which will affect the normal use of the stone honeycomb plate. In order to prevent the above phenomenon, the length and area of the board should be controlled in engineering design and use.

The length of one side of the board is generally not more than 2.0m, and the larger area is not more than 2.0m2.

The coefficient of thermal expansion of glass fiber board is similar to that of stone honeycomb board, which has good mechanical properties. The bending strength of the molded plate can reach 740 MPa.

Because aluminum plate and stone honeycomb plate are widely used in building stone, they can effectively prevent the deformation of aluminum plate and honeycomb plate. At the same time, it is likely to become the future development direction of aluminum honeycomb.

However, compared with aluminum honeycomb and steel honeycomb, glass fiber aluminum honeycomb has higher brittleness, smaller bending stiffness and larger deformation under load, so it should be more cautious in determining the panel size.

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