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Introduction of environmental protection performance of aluminum honeycomb core

2021-02-24 05:29:44

1. The reason of using aluminum honeycomb core in furniture and other materials

For the modern furniture industry with strict environmental protection requirements, using aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum honeycomb board as furniture processing materials is a good material choice in the new century. Its completely non-toxic green quality makes furniture manufacturers less unnecessary environmental protection procedures when processing furniture; In addition, aluminum honeycomb panel can be diversified, such as solid wood, aluminum panel, gypsum board, fireproof board, MDF, natural Dali stone, etc., which can be made into honeycomb panel, and the material selection is convenient.

2. Comparison between aluminum honeycomb core and traditional materials

Aluminum honeycomb core is widely used in cabinet, ecological door, office furniture, exhibit furniture, etc. The honeycomb board made of honeycomb core has the functions of moisture-proof, moth proof, fire-proof and corrosion-proof, and its performance of compression and bending resistance is much better than that of traditional materials.

3. Popularity of aluminum honeycomb core in western countries

In the west, aluminum honeycomb core has formed a series of specifications in the field of building materials, and has become a kind of main emerging materials with excellent performance, simple and unique structure, economical resources and energy. In the furniture manufacturing industry to promote the use of honeycomb composite materials, will greatly reduce the use of wood, and can improve the shortcomings of wood-based panel deformation. Taking the plate with a thickness of 20 mm as an example, if the 2.5 mm MDF is used as the panel to make the aluminum honeycomb plate, the amount and weight of the material is only about 1 / 4 of that of the solid MDF; The cost of composite board is only about 1 / 2 of that of solid board, and composite board has the advantages of light weight, not easy to deform, convenient transportation and so on. Therefore, in Europe, more than 80% of the interior doors are honeycomb composite doors, and most of the furniture panels with a thickness of more than 20 mm are aluminum honeycomb panels. Aluminum honeycomb panel is very suitable for panel furniture. For example, it can be used for side plate, panel, top plate, partition, bottom plate, door plate, insulation and some decoration parts with thickness greater than 18mm. The thicker the plate is, the better the honeycomb material is; Thick plate also has good bending properties, used for dining table, tea table, TV cabinet, etc. Even furniture manufacturers use it to make furniture support legs, which shows the universality of its use.

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