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Material of aluminum honeycomb panel

2021-02-24 05:01:19

Material of aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a new material, which consists of two decks connected by vertical piles; The piles are woven into the deck to form a complete sandwich structure.

The warpage direction of aluminum honeycomb plate is 8-shaped, which has typical structural characteristics.

Aluminum honeycomb panel structure is a very useful partition wall in the construction and transportation industry as a noise and vibration damper and insulating material.

Aluminum honeycomb panel has different applications in different industries because of its light weight and good mechanical properties. It is a better material for factories, hotels, office buildings and public buildings.

In addition, they are used in the interior and exterior walls of houses, bathrooms, kitchens and residential projects.

3D glass fiber sandwich panel can be customized according to different thickness and width to meet your business and technical requirements.

Aluminum honeycomb panel has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high specific strength, large modulus, strong impact damage ability and so on. It is a new energy-saving and environment-friendly supercharger with high-tech content.

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